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Settelment work Related Orders & Circulars
Distribution of work regarding BLLRO, Ro, RI, Amin, BS
Different Land Classifications Model
Illegal filling of Water Bodies_instruction_2019
Order regarding Misc Case Correction_2017
Issuance of certified copy of RS R-o-R from scanned data of RS records_2017
Land Allotment Policy - 2017
Implementation of Chapter IIA of ST lands
Land Allotment Policy_2019
Assesment of market price_2018
Modalities of market Value assessment_2018
Fees for delivery of certified copies of LR & RS Khatians
Recording in ROR for Lessee or Assignee
Mines and Minerals (Development & Regulation) Act, 2010
Contineous Updation of R-o-R_2010
Disposal of Mutaion where 51(A)4 is pending
Deposing of Government Money regarding and Register 94_2001
Mines and Minerals/Brick Field Guidlines_1250_2015
Mines and Minerals/Brick Field Guidlines_1251_2015
Revised Guidelines for Operation of New brick fields_2648_2016
Revised Guidelines for Operation of New brick fields_2649_2016
Task Force of Forest Rights_2014
Recording of Forest Pattas and related
WBRTPS_Plot Informarion_RoR_odersheet
Tea-Salami Instalment_2016
High Court order regarding 144 CrPC_2016
Fees for Govt. Amin for privet land demarcation_2007
Land revenue exemption WBSETCL_2019
Measurement Of Private Land
Khazna makub-circular_2017
RS-LR mapping_2015
WBRTPS_Plot Informarion_RoR_odersheet delivary_2015
Block level committe for illegal filling of Water Bodies_2012
Fees for delivery of certified copies of LR & RS Khatians_2016
Recording of Lease Khatians Regarding_2015
Guideline for recording of forest village into revenue village_2015
Fine of Tea Garden land under clause 13A of WBEA Rules 1954_2018
Compensation for Acquisition of Tea Garden Land_2016
LA Compensation for Tea Garden land_2018
Payment of Salami of Tea Garden_2016
No Fees for Govt Departments for any service_2014
Guidline for Reconstruction of R-o-R
Correction of Records in case of land transferred through LTS or IDT_2017
Circular Regarding Noting of 6(3) Land_2013
Price of Earth for removing or extracting Earth_2018
Non Agri Land Revenue regarding_2019
Illegal Deed and Muation Regarding_2020
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