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Mutaion Related Orders & Circulars
Mutation Related Order and Prescribe format for application of Mutation of Land_2009
FORM NO 9_For Objedtion Petetgion in Draft Stage of a Mouza
Mutation Process Fees and clarification_2017
Clarification regarding Processing fees for Mutation of Land_2017
Waving of Processing Fees of Mutation for Agricultural Purpose_2018
Time Limit For Inustrial Mutation_2017
Disposal of mutation for non-industrial purpose_2015
Realization of process fees for mutation of land by Sub Registry office_2017
Recording of Forest Pattas and related
Waiver of Warishon Fees_2019
Waving of Processing Fees of Warishon cases_2019
Documents/authorities to be consider at Warishon cases_2019
Fee waive for departmental land_2019
Exemption of Mutation Fees on Agri land Regarding and declaration_2018
Automatic Mutation_Rule 21 (Amendment)_2019
Realisation of process fees for mutation at the time of registration_2016
Direction regarding mutation of land by unrecorded legal heirs of deceased riyots_2018
Notary power instruction regarding Mutation_2018
Mutation where 51A(4) is pending_2018
Mutation & Conversion process fee for activiuties alied to agriculture_2017
Flat Mutation Circular_2006
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