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Conversion Related Orders & Circulars
Different Land Classifications Model
Conversion Rate Order_2005
Guidelines for Processing Application for Post Facto Conversion_2018
Time Limit For Inustrial Conversion_2017
Disposal of conversion for non-industrial purpose_2015
Issues Related to Price of Earth in Conversion_2016
Instruction Regarding Conversion_2016
Conversion or Change of Character of Land_1A_2009
Postfacto Conversion_Regulization of Change of Character of Land_1C_2011
Circular of Silent Fitures for Conversion_2016
Conversion in Contiguous Plots of a Project_2017
Mutation & Conversion process fee for activiuties alied to agriculture_2017
Circular on guideline of post facto conversion_1D_2018
Circular on Post facto conversion regulization fees chart_1D_2018
Conversion Regularisation fees_Resulusion of Group of secretaries_ 2018
Post Facto Conversion-Amended Rule and form 1D_2018
Instruction Regarding Post Facto Conversion_1C
Conversion for leasehold Land_2018
Post Facto Coversion Clarification_2019
Bagan to Bastu conversion clarification_2019
Extension of date of 1D upto 07.02.20
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