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The Constitution of India
West Bengal Estate Acquisition Act, 1953
West Bengal Estate Acquisition_Amendment_Act_1957
West Bengal Estate Acquisition_Amendment_Act_1961
West Bengal Estate Acquisition_Amendment_Act_1963
West Bengal Estate Acquisition_Amendment_Act_1967
West Bengal Estate Acquisition_Amendment_Act_1969
West Bengal Estate Acquisition_Amendment_Act_1973
West Bengal Estate Acquisition_2nd_Amendment_Act_1973
West Bengal Estate Acquisition_Amendment Act_1975
West Bengal Estate Acquisition_Amendment_Act_1982
West Bengal Estate Acquisition Act_2009
West Bengal Land Reforms Act,1955
West Bengal Land Reform_Amendment_Act_1962
West Bengal Land Reform_Amendment_Act_1966
West Bengal Land Reform_Amendment_Act_1969
West Bengal Land Reform_Amendment_Act_1969
West Bengal Land Reform_Amendment_Act_1971
West Bengal Land Reform_Amendment_Act_1972
West Bengal Land Reform_2nd_Amendment_Act_1972
West Bengal Land Reform_2nd_Amendment_Act_1974
West Bengal Land Reform_2nd_Amendment_Act_1975
West Bengal Land Reform_2nd_Amendment_Act_1981
West Bengal Land Reform_2nd_Amendment_Act_1986
West Bengal Land Reform_2nd_Amendment_Act_1996
West Bengal Land Reform_2nd_Amendment_Act_2000
West Bengal Land Reform_2nd_Amendment_Act_2003
West Bengal Land Reform_2nd_Amendment_Act_2005
West Bengal Land Reform_2nd_Amendment_Act_2010
West Bengal Land Reform_2nd_Amendment_Act_2012
West Bengal Land Reform_2nd_Amendment_Act_2013
West Bengal Land Reforms (Ammendment) Act, 2017 on Sec 4C
Post Facto Conversion-Amended Rule, 2018 on Sec 4C
West Bengal Land Reforms (Ammendment) Act, 2017 on Sec 24
West Bengal Land Reforms (Ammendment) Act, 2017 on Sec 4B
West Bengal Land Reforms (Ammendment) Rule, 2017 on Sec 4B
West Bengal Land Reforms (Ammendment) Act, 2018 on Sec 3B
West Bengal Land Reforms Rules, 1965
West Bengal Land Reforms Manual, 1991
WBLRTT Act, 1997
WBLRTT Amendment Act, 2009
WBLRTT Recruitment Rules, 2004
WBNAT Act_1949
Bengal Public Demand Recovery Act, 1913
Bengal Tenancy Act, 1885
Civil Procedure Code
Factories Act_1948
Forest Rights Act, 2006
Enemy Property Act, 1968
Hindu Succession Act, 1956
Indian Evidence Act, 1872
Indian Succession Act, 1925
Inland Fisheries Act, 1984
IT Act, 2000
Kolkata Land Revenue Act, 2003
Right To Information Act, 2005
RTI Rules_2006
The Land Acquisition Act_1894
Transfer of Property Act, 1882
Transfer of Property (Amendment) Act, 2002
Urban Land (Ceiling and Regulation) Act, 1976
West Bengal Acquistition of Homestead Land Act, 1975
Bengal Survey Act 1875
Limitation Act_1963.pdf
West Bengal Non-Agricultural Tenancy Act, 1949
West Bengal Bargadar Act 1956
West Bengal Right to Public Services Act, 2013
West Bengal Right Public Services Rules, 2013
west bengal public land eviction of unauthorised occupants act 1962
WB Thika Tenancy Act_2019
WB & Tenancy Tribunal Act XII of 2019
WBRTPS_Plot Informarion_RoR_odersheet delivary_2015
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